Shaped Wedding Rings
cooljoolz specialise in making exclusive ~ yet affordable ~ wedding rings, designed by appointment in your home.

Shaped wedding rings

Prices from £150

At cooljoolz, making shaped wedding rings has become one of our specialties - and each ring is unique, never to be repeated.

Firstly, we create the perfect fitting ring, by hand carving a wax model of your shaped wedding ring.  Once you have approved it, it is sent to casting where the wax melts away to produce your exclusive wedding ring, in a precious metal of your choice, usually the same as your engagement ring.  It is then polished and finished to meet your exact specification. You decide on the width, the shape, the number of diamonds - if you want them, the finish - then we do the rest. Quite simply, you get EXACTLY what you want to complement your engagement ring.

The following images show the sequence of events along with some different shaped wedding ring ideas :